Get lost 2015! Year in Review.

I dared to ask, "What else could possibly happen this year?". Nope, don't do it. Don't tempt the universe/fate/whatever.

This year has been uhh, trying. I know it seems like every year we say that. But this one will go down in history, me thinks. It is a year characterised by loss and change. My previous two melancholy posts mentioned some of the heartbreak and sadness I and the people around me experienced. Enough was enough. It was time for change.

I took solo holidays. I switched jobs. I ventured into a new relationship. I was exhausted, but things were looking up.

And then, on the evening I was supposed to meet my boyfriend's mother and brother, we were met with the horrific news that they were involved in a fatal car accident on their way to Joburg. Just 30 minutes after leaving their house. Just a year after his dad passed away.

That was the last straw 2015.

Is this some kind of a sick joke? You have now taken everything. You have brought incredible, unfair, disgusting amounts of sorrow and trauma. We can't bare any more. Enough!

 photo IMG_0504_zpskb0leift.jpg

So now what? How do we get up and continue and have a merry Christmas? By grace. And by focusing on those who we love and still have. Maybe it is avoidance. It won't change what has happened. I won't bring people back. But it's the best I can come up with.

I went through my photos of the year, looking for the highlights. I found 230. 230 amazing, silly, selfie-filled, fabulous, magical moments. I could hardly believe that all of it happened in one year. It far outweighs the horrors of 2015.

Thank you every one in this montage. Thank you for playing a role in my life. For bringing the fun and the happiness and the love. We can't let the sadness win. Less things, more love and laughter. Bring it on 2016.


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