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Let's play Tinder

- This title should be read in a game show host voice -

Tinder: the new way of dating. Or the latest app store game. I was dead set against it. But then we were all laughing over a drink, playing Tinder on a single friend's phone, and I signed up. Yes. Playing Tinder. This is not the real life. Okay for some people it is. For a few, very few, lucky ones. I've only heard of one such person.

The 'problem' with Tinder is that you become very judgy. Okay, I've always been judgy, so much fun. Or let's rather say particular. But on Tinder that is the whole premise. You judge an unfortunate soul, solely on their chosen profile pic, and maybe their little write-up. You don't look at someone's bathroom selfie and think, oh well, maybe he has a great personality. And there's no time for wit, small talk, persuasion. It's one, two, swipe left or right. Mostly left, for nooooo never ew. I've swiped left so many times that I accidentally swiped left on a …

Blood and Diamonds

I need a holiday. A month long holiday. A year would be better. But all I had time/money for was a day during this past weekend. A holi-day.

My bestie, Hayley, and I went to the small mining town of Cullinan, near Pretoria, for the evening/day. You take what you can get, right. It is amazing how one day away from everything can actually feel like a vacation. We stayed at a guesthouse called Acorn House, part of Oak Guesthouse. It was a lovely old house with creaky wooden floors. Pity the management wasn't so lovely. I honestly don't understand how some people think that it is acceptable to treat people like shit when you are in the service industry. We arrived at dead man's door in the dark. We phoned all three numbers on the gate. Eventually, after 30 minutes of trying, someone picks up. We need to phone Molly. It was on the email. (It wasn't. It was on the website). We don't have Molly's number, only the three (three!) on the gate. We met Molly the next day a…

The day I belly flopped at my first gala

On Saturday my swim team and I swam our first Masters Gala. Side note: Masters Swimming is a class of competitive swimming for people over 25 years.

Did I mention it was our first gala? The first time we had to dive off starting blocks. The first time we sprinted competitively. The first time we swam in different events and had to remember which lane and which heat. It was terrifying. And we sucked. (Sorry Andy and Wes).

We joked that we, the unlikely trio, was like the Jamaican bobsled team.

So a little about the whole setup. You have to be part of a club to partake. We joined the Phoenix Masters. The club president, Karen Kennedy, is amazing and really tried to put us at ease and encourage us. Our coach, Wes, also tried his darndest. The whole event is really quite chilled. Everyone is there to compete against their own times. The oldest person was 76 I think! It's all very egalitarian.

Regardless of all the encouragement, the briefing, the reminders of all the things we have le…