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Of Grace and Zen. Trying to survive divorce.

See what I did there? Of Mice and Men... Anyway.

The other day I was talking to my sister, who is also divorced (yeah my parents must be so proud). I realised through this process I have learnt a lot about myself and the people around me, whether I wanted to or not.

So here, with the help of some Pinterestesque quotes (I made them myself), is a collection of the learnings, the things I've told myself in order to survive, to find peace:

You can't be everything to every one. You have to do what is best for you. I'm still learning this one. It's not easy. I want to avoid conflict, keep everyone happy, keep smiling, keep going. Be kind to yourself. I'm trying.

You have no choice.

It is what it is. It's a process. You can't make it go faster. You can't make it go away. You have to take the good and the bad.  The days when you wake up and just want to crawl in a ball and cry. And the good days, where you almost forgot what happened and just continue on your m…

For the love of Party

It seems like I party a lot lately. Maybe I do. People say this divorce is doing me good. I thought about it a bit and came to the conclusion though, that actually, I've always loved to party.

Here's one of my first parties:

I also liked hosting the year-end class party in primary school. Two years running:

At my 16th birthday I squeezed 41 people into my parents' house (sorry mom and dad):

I've organised parties themed O Boere Plaas, 25 Sensational Crimes of Fashion, 30 Days of Party, Sailors and Sirens, and managed to convince people to wear their pyjamas to work.

In Varsity, I worked too hard to party. But I did join Vividus Day House, the Serenade acapella group, the House Committee, Rag, Serrie, went to on First Years camp, HK camp, church camp...

I collect people.

When there are people and parties, you are never alone.

You don't sit at home with your cats drinking wine and thinking about lost love. When there's a party to plan or attend, you get out of be…