Single in another City

I did it. I went on my first, spontaneous, impulsive, escapist, solo holiday. I booked a ticket (thank you kulula sale), rented a car, and solicited spare rooms / couches from friends in Cape Town. Note to CT friends: don't say "come visit anytime" - it might just happen at anytime ;)

I have never rented a car on my own.

 photo rental-car_zpsl8b49ako.jpg

Last time I went to Cape Town was just when the realisation of impending doom divorce dawned on us.

Cape Town wooed me with clear skies and 30 degree (Celsius) weather. So here's what I did, mostly solo, during my 3.5 days in the Mother City:

1.  Ice Cream on the Sea Point Promenade overlooking the swimming pools

 photo Seapoint_zpsmirf5t0a.jpg

2. Cocktails at Sotano in Mouile Point

 photo cocktail-sotana_zpsvdvsdcav.png

3. Open shawarmas at Aris Souvlaki in Regent Road, Sea Point

 photo aris-soulvaki_zpshymibwtn.png
Ari from Aris Souvlaki

4. Take away breakfast from Cafe Neo, enjoyed on the Sea Point Promenade. What a view.

 photo seapoint-promenade_zpskpmg4ihh.jpg

5. Lunch and visiting the hand-made teddies at Taunina in Woodstock

 photo Taunina-teddies_zps4x7fbb02.jpg

6. Late afternoon beer, leading to wine leading to dinner at the Woodstock Lounge

 photo woodstock-lounge_zps2vuc0sgf.jpg

7. Lunch at the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay, took the scenic route via Boyes Drive - thanks google maps

 photo brass-bell_zps0xju6g3n.jpg
Brass Bell fish and chips with a view
 photo brass-bell-seagull_zpshpenorht.jpg
Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

8. Ice Cream from the Creamery enjoyed on Chapmans Peak, which was open again after the fires

 photo chappies_zps1dkkavpo.jpg
It was reaaaally hot up there

 9. Afternoon walk in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, rest of the non-melted ice cream was consumed here

 photo kirstenbosch-boomslang_zpsto9hhgar.jpg
Canopy Walk, aka the Boomslang. Not as long as extensive as I thought it would be
 photo kirstenbosc._zps4twazgyz.jpg

 photo kirstenbosch-erikas_zpszmzbzjr8.jpg

10. Dinner with friends in Observatory

11. Breakfast at Superette at the Woodstock Exchange

 photo superette-egg-soldiers_zpszyqt9zer.png

12. Take away coffee for the road from Rosetta Roastery

12b. Long chat with David the Mosque keeper about business and so on

13. Drive to Babylonstoren in Simondium for tea (or lemonade) and scones
 photo babylonstoren-pumpkin-snail_zpskvvxzazd.png
Pumpkin Snail - a tonel for pumpkins to grow from 
 photo babylonstoren-persimon-tree_zpsb0pcdrya.png
Delft-like mosaic around the persimmon trees
 photo babylonstoren_zpsblt3bz3o.png
Babylonstoren farm is amazing. Go read about it.
 photo babylonstoren-scones_zpsucxz3a7w.png
Warm buttermilk scones baked in little glass jars, served with butter, cream, and cheese.

14. Glass of wine with my Aunt in Stellenbosch

 photo stellenbosch-visit_zpsgpm5yh8u.png
My aunt left me with these words: "Never look back once you've walked over the bridge."

It was quick and busy. I could have stayed a while. I could have sat watching the ocean a bit longer. But I proved I could do it on my own - with a little help from my friends (and family).


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