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'til death do us part

aka two weddings and two funerals

In the last eight or so months I have attended two weddings and two funerals. It feels like there has to be some significance in this. Four very different events with a lot in common, strangely: people get dressed up, join friends and family at a church, shed some tears, and say beautiful things about the 'guest(s) of honour'.

I have never attend a funeral where someone spoke ill of the dead. It's as if the good things are easier to remember than the bad things. Maybe it is selective amnesia. Maybe it is cognitive dissonance. Maybe you are the sum of what people choose to remember about you.

In July 2014 my grandmother passed away 12 days after her 94th birthday. I don't remember anything bad about her. She lived with us for a large part of my youth. At least 10 years. I had so many years with her, and I sometimes feel like I hardly knew her. I regret not sitting with her more often as an adult (even young adult), writing down her stor…

Midmar Mile 2015

Four minutes. The result of a year's worth of training is four minutes. The goal was five.

What is to blame for that one minute? Myself, the choppy water, a start too far from the center, side stitch, crazy school girls, air  bubbles, fear? Who knows. All I know is that it was a fight. Don't underestimate the Midmar Mile. It is war. And you can never be fully prepared for war - there are always surprises. But I will do it again. We all need something to fight for, I guess.

Part of the appeal of the Midmar, is of course the Midlands. After all is said and done, there is time for a bit of exploring and eating. This year we visited two establishments that I have not been to previously. 
The first was Herr Günther's - German/Swiss restaurant and take away. Herr Günther's serves four kinds of sausages, fried German potatoes, bread rolls, mustard and sauerkraut on request. And of course beer. A very charming Herr Günther tells you about the sausages from behind his little ki…