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Shaking off the dust

A little more than eight months have passed since my last post. I don't need to tell you that that is an eternity in this day and age.

I considered shutting down Roets Uprooted. Too much has happened and I did not know where to start. Do I leave an eight month gap or go back in history? Did I even have the energy to do so? All I knew was that the title of this blog has never been more apt. So here I am. Redesigned header. Life reconstruction in progress. Reboot.
But before I begin to review the 262 days passed, and the elucidation of the latest uprooting, I thought I'd start with yesterday.
Last year I wanted to complete a 3km open water swim before I turned 30. I wanted to do many things before I turned 30. I did not achieve all those goals, including swimming 3000m (that's 120 laps in a 25m gym pool). Yesterday I succeeded. I swam 3km in 1:06:48. And it was fun! 
I was terrified. I did not want to be that person that gets taken to shore in the lifeguard raft. I did not w…