The After Party

After the last guests have gone home, the wine has been drunk, and the birthday cake reduced to a pile of messy crumbs, I am always left feeling a little depressed. Fun was had, but now the clean up must begin. Oh, the anti-climax. Now can you imagine the anti-climax of going back to work the day after #30daysofparty?  This:

 photo balloons1_zps4aa4d7c7.jpg  photo balloons2_zpsb94cc92f.jpg  photo balloons3_zpse107c262.jpg

The party is over. Or is it?

Just three days later I was determined, once again, to "not go gently." I invited myself to an Airsoft day (at Timeline Airsoft in Benoni) with some of the guys at the office. Airsoft was described to me as paintball but without the paint, and with smaller balls. Basically military simulation games with BB guns, semi automatic, rather heavy BB guns.

 photo course-pov_zps6eae733a.jpg
Scouting the field
 photo strat_zpsf8869bb2.jpg
Cardboard course simulator 
"I'm really sorry you have to die." According to my MBTI personality profile I am an ENFJ. One profile description lists this line as the ENTJ's trademark. I am not sure this is what the author was referring to, but I was going to war. With the guys.

What was I thinking? Not sure. But it was fun. And scary. But mostly fun. I tried to make sure I was well covered, and padded: sports bra, sports vest, extra length vest, old jeans, hoody (to cover head and neck), and gloves. The only thing we were provided with was masks and guns.

There was lots of crouching (can you say stiff thighs?), crawling, hiding, peaking through the cracks in the walls, running, breathing too fast, getting shot at close range, sniping, getting shot from three different sides while vigorously waving the 'death rag' (proof that you were already 'dead'), and ignoring the fact that I was actually being hit because it was the last round and I had the flag and I was running and everyone else was playing foul in any case okay.

 photo couching-mia-hidden-team_zpsac92f01d.jpg
Me, running, sort of.
 photo sniper-mia_zps56b1183c.jpg
Sniper Mia
 photo maze_zpsef50e8fc.jpg
The advantage of being the photographer/marshal - he could see everything(everyone) we couldn't

Would I do it again? For sure. Do I think people should carry real guns ever? Nope. There's no "respawning" in real life.

 photo russian-gangsters3_zpse004ee65.jpg
The team, posing like Russian gangsters
 photo russian-gangsters1_zps3243a385.jpg
Some more posing
 photo war-wound_zps393493bd.jpg
War wounds. It should be called Airhard, not Airsoft.

No, the party isn't over.


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