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The After Party

After the last guests have gone home, the wine has been drunk, and the birthday cake reduced to a pile of messy crumbs, I am always left feeling a little depressed. Fun was had, but now the clean up must begin. Oh, the anti-climax. Now can you imagine the anti-climax of going back to work the day after #30daysofparty?  This:

The party is over. Or is it?

Just three days later I was determined, once again, to "not go gently." I invited myself to an Airsoft day (at Timeline Airsoft in Benoni) with some of the guys at the office. Airsoft was described to me as paintball but without the paint, and with smaller balls. Basically military simulation games with BB guns, semi automatic, rather heavy BB guns.

"I'm really sorry you have to die." According to my MBTI personality profile I am an ENFJ. One profile description lists this line as the ENTJ's trademark. I am not sure this is what the author was referring to, but I was going to war. With the guys.

What was I t…

Here's to 30 and #30daysofparty

I knew from the start of  #30daysofparty that I would have to write a post reflecting on the past thirty days and thirty years. I've even planned some of the things I wanted to write about. But now I have no idea where to begin.

So let me start with a thank you. Thanks to everyone who came to the party (haha), who went all the way to Clarens, who organised secret parties, who bought beautiful gifts, who ate all my baked goods and complimented the chef, who read all these blog posts. There ain't no party without the people and I am very, very fortunate indeed.

Okay, here's an infographic to summarise #30daysofparty :

I have to admit, I am exhausted. There's been lots of early mornings and late nights, lots of dishes, lots and lots of dishes, and mopping floors. But I can't complain. I brought this all on myself.  And I enjoyed it. I love entertaining. I love serving people sweet treats, knowing that it is probably better than most baked goods they've recently ha…

The last beer of my 20s and the final party

I had the last beer of my 20s on Tuesday. It was a Castle Milk Stout, two actually, at the Rosebank Bowls Club. This is not to be confused with the Zoo Lake Bowls Club. That is where one has Guinness. At the Rosebank one, which is in Dunkeld not really Rosebank, you only get Milk Stout.

We went there for three reasons, my birthday, our colleague Kay's farewell, and because it is very near to the office.

It was a bitter sweet sunset afternoon.

Goodbye Kay. Goodbye 20s.

When I got home Jaco insisted I open my gift from him, because it would take too long to do it in the morning. I was right, because, instead of one single gift, he got me 30 tiny ones, some silly, some wonderful, all accompanied by a guide book, written and illustrated by him. Totally sweet and very cool.

The next morning I woke up as a thirty-year-old. It was just another day. I still had to do laundry. I still had to go to work. No big deal.

Later that afternoon I was presented with a very conceptual gift by my wo…