The Grand Budapest Hotel. A party with popcorn.

I love Wes Anderson. I love how every scene in his movies look like individual artworks, beautifully art directed, a pleasure to watch. I love the kooky characters, and the arsenal of actors he uses time and time again. I love his way with humour and that it makes me giggle and clap my hands in the cinema -  pure joy. So it was only natural to include seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel on my 30 Days of Party calendar.

 photo grand-budapest-review_zps700ba95e.jpg

The evening started with some pizza at Piza e Vino in Rosebank, after which we proceeded to make our way through the construction site that is the Rosebank Mall, to Cinema Nouveau which currently feels like a bunker. Not that I really know how it feels in a bunker.

 photo ligths_zpsca0480e9.jpg

 photo selfies_zpsbcf58c46.jpg

 photo pizza2_zps4b413dcd.jpg

 photo pizza1_zpsa133d8cc.jpg

It might be obvious, but the one thing about all these parties are the people. I am sure you can have a party by yourself, but it is the crazy combo of friends that make it a party worth blogging about. I mean, I can only take so many selfies before it will just start looking sad. Seriously, these are priceless:

 photo movies1_zpsfa7d95e7.jpg

 photo movies2_zps5d5e20fc.jpg

I think my friends are a bit like Wes Anderson's characters, to be honest. Highly entertaining. Trouble making. Uncontrollable awkward giggling. I wish everyone could be at every party. I am very lucky.

Movie was cinematic bliss. Company was delightful. 22 more days to go. Goodnight.

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