Seven parties and an unlucky left hand

It has been quite a week. At times there has been more work than party. There has been desk dinners, burnt fingers and copious amounts of baked goods.

I realised that in the last 28 days my left hand has really been an unlucky one: I got stung by a bee, hooked on a broken staple, and got three finger tips burned by steam. What are the odds? Hosting 30 parties is dangerous it seems.

Okay, so on Tuesday I arrived at work with a baked offering of Chocolate Blondies. I ate more of these than necessary.

 photo Tuesday_blondies_zps076a666e.jpg

Wednesday was another working day that became a working night. No time to party. I had dinner at my desk to the sound of delirious laughter. And I did a little chair dance, to make it a bit more festive.

 photo Wednesday_after-hours_zps62d4f0fa.jpg
 photo Wednesday-desk-food_zpsf56fbc50.jpg
Desk pasta

Thursday saw me escape to the gym for a little sweat and skinner session with Moni. We often end up talking more than sweating. In fact, we talked so much that I forgot to take a photo of my chai latte nor of the scrawny boy in the speedo parading through the gym foyer/seating area/Kauai.

Friday finally arrived. I got up early to bake cinnamon buns. I finished work late-ish with a glass (or two) of wine.

 photo Friday_cinnamon-buns1_zps3440ccce.jpg
First attempt. Not the best recipe.
 photo Friday_cinnamon-buns_zps7a846964.jpg
Sweet and sticky
 photo Friday_foxsox_zps64249f71.jpg
I found this lovely gift on my desk: fox sox!
 photo Friday_wine_zps47f6d9da.jpg
Hello Mr. Porcupine 

Saturday was spent sleeping in, doing end of the month grocery shopping, and getting home with only and hour and a half left to bake a pecan nut pie and a quiche and a pound cake in time for a tea party. I sort of made it, in the knick of time. There was lots of tea and stories about phones falling into toilets.

 photo Saturday_quiche_zps6d540a38.jpg
Mushroom and Leek quiche. 
 photo Saturday_pecan-pie_zpsa562295c.jpg
Piping hot pecan nut pie
 photo Saturday_martin_zpsae0d8b8e.jpg
Smile Martin!
 photo Saturday_cake-and-tea_zps3a551dfb.jpg
Dewald pouring some tea
 photo Saturday_cat_zpsa908a4a2.jpg
Don't ask.
Saturday-Sunday (because of the Monday public holiday) was Freedom day. Along with 20 years of democracy we celebrated day 27 of my birthday at the Zoo Lake Bowls Club. I love this place. I love that everyone is welcome. That people arrive with children and dogs and grannies. That old men play bowls barefoot in the background while I drink a Guinness. I love that the food is cheap and consistent, the service questionable and the people watching bounteous. And I love nothing more than spending time here with good friends.  

 photo Sunday_zoolake_miya_zps7e0b26f1.jpg
Miya, Mia. 12:00, 12:30. Who cares? 
 photo Sunday_zoolake_guiness_zps26755763.jpg
Irish friends
 photo Sunday_zoolake_rose-en-alwyn_zpsddbd0088.jpg
Rose and Alwyn
 photo Sunday_zoolake_guiness2_zps8353db3e.jpg
 photo Sunday_zoolake_friends_zpsdfc05f12.jpg
More cheers
 photo Sunday_zoolake_usual_zps1689a24e.jpg
Chicken Schnitzel ala Zoo Lake Bowls Club
 photo Sunday_zoolake_lunch_zps7576be4f.jpg
Perhaps not the most flattering photo
 photo Sunday_zoolake_besties_zps0d45b248.jpg
This sums up the day
Then today, Monday, was Post-summer Pool Party day. It is scandalous that I've only had one pool party this entire summer. Now summer has swiftly left, but the pool is still blue and the Jozi autumn sun pleasant. I invited friends from the advertising world. We lounged on the grass, had wine and home made bread, and chased the setting sun. We even had live ukulele music that made it seem like we were in an Indie film. It was a beautiful thing.

 photo Monday_poolparty_zps51b0415a.jpg
A bit Hockneyesque
 photo Monday_ukulele2_zpsa840494f.jpg
Adam and Dave and the ukuleles 
 photo Monday_braai4_zpsacfed18d.jpg
My Basotho blanket being put to good use
 photo Monday_besties_zps31db256b.jpg
It looks like Monique is singing to Adam's uke here
 photo Monday_bread_zpsb4fa6152.jpg
Getting up early to bake these babies was so worth it
 photo Monday_hayley_zps6b79a501.jpg
Hayley and her phone #bff
 photo Monday_whispers_zps307eee4c.jpg
Sneaky photo
 photo Monday_ukulele_zps4885316d.jpg
"Modern art makes me want to rock out..."
 photo Monday_hugs_zps54ca49ae.jpg
 photo Monday_braai_zps555cdf55.jpg
A braai in the soft, autumn light 
 photo Monday_braai2_zps14de6c65.jpg
Cheers English Dave
 photo Monday_cake_messy_zps8fd159c4.jpg
Messy looking white chocolate and Italian meringue cake
 photo Monday_cake_zps890cbca0.jpg
Most parties end with cake and tea, as they should

The weekend was a lovely. More work than rest. More fun than not. Only two more parties to go.


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