Documenting 30 Parties is hard.

This weekend I realised that the challenge with this whole 30 Days of Party thing is not coming up with 30 celebrations, but to document it all properly. When I first decided that this was what I wanted to do, I envisioned blogposts with images like this:

 photo pinterest2_zpse68832fd.jpg

Instead I only have images of food photographed in bad light, and blurry friends:

 photo blur1_zpsb44a0945.jpg

Anyway. Day 5 and 6. Saturday I went shopping with my friend Hayley. She is one of the best shopping partners I have ever had. Or maybe the worst. We got to Sandton at 1pm and left at 6.30pm. That is a solid 5 hours of shopping, sans the lunch and the milkshake break. And I bought more things than I was planning to, or really budgeted for. I am blaming it on my birthday. I'll be more responsible when I am 30. For now I am buying that My Little Pony t-shirt and new scatter cushions for the couch, okay.

 photo shakes_zps1b26b466.jpg

After shopping I had another party to attend. A good friend was visiting from the Eastern Cape, and we where having a braai, as afrikaans people do. My gracious friends, who are all on board with my outrageous party month, let me partly hijack the event, so I could count it as party number 6.

 photo friends2_zps258b9f61.jpg  photo friends_zps1cdaed2a.jpg

Then on Sunday it was dinner party time. Most of the day was spent shining glasses and keeping the cat off the table. For starters I made my first ever tarte Tatin (upside down french tart), a beetroot one with goats' cheese - delicious, if I do say so myself. Mains was Angelfish baked with wine, garlic and onions; lemon risotto with mascarpone; all served with wilted spinach and honey glazed baby pak choi. My poor friends always end up being guinea pigs for what ever dish I plan. I tried to keep all of their food preferences in mind, but ended up serving fish to people who rarely eat fish, and beetroot to someone who prefers chinese take-out. Plates where mostly empty though. Dessert was this amazing chocolate-caramel-peanut butter tart that is featured on the cover of this month's Woolies Taste Magazine. No baking required. I made one change to their recipe though - it calls for Caramel Treat, but in my opinion nothing beats the real deal: boiling a tin of condensed milk for 3 hours. You have to try it. You will never eat Caramel Treat again.

 photo tarte-tatin_zps9f763a31.jpg
Beetroot tarte Tatin with goat cheese and micro greens

Okay, so maybe my 30 Days don't quite look like Martha Stewart's pinterest board, but at least I have good friends and good food to celebrate with. That counts right?

 photo blur2_zps5af57c2b.jpg


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