Clarens weekend. I feel like a foie gras.

On Thursday evening I was one behind on my 30 Days of Partying. I just did not have anything planned because all I could focus on was the big weekend ahead. Some colleagues suggested I count our after work table tennis match as a party. But I knew that the weekend would make up for it.

Since my dad, who is not big on parties, turned 60 on Wednesday and I have the whole 30 Days of Party thing going, we decided to go to Clarens for the weekend with a few good friends. Clarens has become very commercial over the years, but it does not take away from how beautiful the east Free State is. We rented a house on the Clarens Golf Estate, just a short distance from the main hub. Most of the weekend was spent eating. There was a braai on Friday evening, a champaign brunch on Saturday, beer and German sausages during the afternoon, sundowners in Golden Gate Hotel, and the grand finale, a feast of fillet, veg, cheese cake, chocolate cake, and vintage wine the Saturday evening. We ended the weekend with a lazy Sunday breakfast in town.

This might sound cheesy but there is nothing that comes close to breaking bread with the people you love. I am super privileged to have some wonderfully interesting and loyal friends, and a family for whom nothing is ever too much. My parents ultimately to make the weekend possible, and I am grateful beyond words.  Being able to celebrate my dad's birthday and mine on the same weekend, in the same house, around the same table made for a very special weekend. 

Here are some pics (okay, lots of pics):

 photo 1_cake_zps9cdbe297.jpg
Thursday night 'party' - prepping for the weekend

On our way to Clarens, just after Sasolburg, we got stopped by traffic officials. Everyone had to pull of the road. We had no idea what the hold up was. Turns out it was the Mzanzi Cycle Tour! First the off road rescue vehicles came past. Then the break away bunch. And then, almost silently, the rest of the peloton. It was the fist time I saw a cycle race in real life, not on television. Exciting!

 photo 4_mzanzi-tour_zpsfa036341.jpg
Break away.
 photo 5_mzanzi-tour_zpsa81ffc8b.jpg
 photo 6_mzanzi-tour_zpscbdb1090.jpg
Support teams
 photo 11_view_zps15f5e92b.jpg
Our view from the balcony
 photo 7_celebrate_zps2aa95fae.jpg
Let's get this party started
 photo 9_popcorn_zps3be7fc5c.jpg
Om nom nom
 photo 8_celebrate_zpsb1d9ea0a.jpg
My sister and her boyfriend
 photo 13_dusk_zpsdfc1e79b.jpg
Sunset and wine. Bliss.
 photo 12_gift_zpsee6a7915.jpg
Gift time!
 photo 15_plaid-is-rad_zps850572ee.jpg
Plaid is Rad
 photo 16_bread_zpsa0642ff6.jpg
Plaited loaf -  a bit wonky but still yummy


 photo 21_saturday_zps78f54509.jpg
Bottom level garden
 photo 25_balcony_zps392c8fa4.jpg
Balcony sessions
 photo 22_games_zpsa16313b7.jpg
Entertaining the kids
 photo 24_irish-breakfast_zps9f77d332.jpg
The breakfast of champs
 photo 27_birthday-breakfast_zps8d56e3e0.jpg
 photo 26_sparkiling-breakfast_zpsc6d74d48.jpg
More clinking of glasses
 photo 28_cheers_zps091e7c9d.jpg
Celebrating with friends :)
 photo 29_clarens_zps7643ae81.jpg
So many colours
 photo 30_clarens-church_zpsb433fef8.jpg
Taking a peak at the church
 photo 31_beer_zps1acbace2.jpg
German beer time!
 photo 32_beer_zps894ea753.jpg
 photo 33_beer-tasting_zps05cbacfa.jpg
Beer tasting at Clarens Brewery
 photo 34_clarens-red_zps2a1f08a8.jpg
Clarens Red - good stuff
 photo 35_golden-gate_zpsede253d6.jpg
Golden Gate
 photo 36_golden-gate_zps9e1058a7.jpg
Sundowners at Golden Gate Hotel
 photo 37_golden-gate-dom-pedro_zps39747a7d.jpg
80s Dom Pedros and Brandwag in the background.
 photo 38_golden-gate_zps7362205f.jpg
Golden Gate
 photo 39_1984-wine_zps3eb7e79b.jpg
A vintage to match my birth year : 1984!
 photo 40_cake_zps7f32198b.jpg
Messy chocolate and stout birthday cake

 photo 42_sunday-breakfast_zps9b7318fe.jpg
Thanks for an amazing weekend guys
   photo 41_yay_zps71a8253b.jpg

I feel a bit like a foie gras right now. I have been told that 30 Days of Party might kill us all. But I won't go gently.

13 parties down (at least 13), 17 to go...


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