Caffeine and burgers and turtle bars. Oh, and an Easter egg hunt.

I have passed the half way mark. 16 days of 30 Days of Party done and dusted.

 photo balloons_zps2f958170.jpg
Balloon wall growing.
After an eventful weekend, Monday arrived, unwelcome and underprepared as it often is. I got to work, realising that I have no idea what party to have. All I could think about was coffee and how badly I needed it in my life, since there was no fresh milk at home that morning. So I gathered a few colleagues, often easily persuaded by brisk walk and a Motherland Coffee Co cappuccino. Coffee party it was. I know it might sound like a cop out party, but I love coffee.  A lot. And Motherland is just so temptingly close to the office. And taking a short walk / getting out of the office is celebratory in it self.

 photo coffeeee_zpsc5e6ee90.jpg
Crazy caffein faces
When I got home that evening after gym class, I had leftover cake and cheesecake (my mother makes the best fridge cheesecake ever) from the weekend, with my husband. In fact, I had cheesecake while taking a bubble bath. No, if that's not a party then I don't know what is.

Side note: this is the second time that the cat slipped and fell into the bathtub while I was eating in the bath. I should learn from this.

On Tuesday morning I woke up and again realised that I have not planned anything. Okay, I did plan something, but it got shifted to another day. The only thing left to do was bake something (remember the rule: each day has to involve either drinks or sweets shared). The quickest thing I had in my repertoire was Turtle Bars. These magical bars basically consists of a shortbread layer topped with a condensed milk mixture, topped with chocolate and nut pieces. So simple yet so divine. Somewhere between getting up, getting ready and having breakfast, I had a tray of Teatime Treats for the office. And boy where they a hit. It made me really happy. I am a feeder.

 photo turtle-bars_zps5ac91a2a.jpg
One happy customer
 photo turtle-bars-gif_zps685fc208.gif
Going, going, gone.
And then came today. Last night I stayed until most people in the studio had left, and hid about 30 Easter eggs around the studio. This morning I watched with glee as people arrived for work, walking past shiny eggs hidden not-so-much out of sight. I then sent an email announcing the hunt. It was so much fun watching people digging through drawers and shaking those ghastly office plants. Some eggs where surprisingly hard to discover, such as the one in the pool table pocket. Note to everyone: Easter egg hunts are not just for children.

 photo easteregghunt_zps3d614d30.jpg
Magazine racks, drawers, empty fishtanks...
 photo easteregghunt2_zpsdeff240e.jpg
Don't ask why we have pink, glittery masks in the studio
 photo easteregghunt4_zps26e9a6f4.jpg
Getting warmer...
To end the day on a festive note, I hijacked yet another evening out. My lovely friend Sarah suggested going to Dukes Burgers in Greenside, and this quickly became another party. For those who don't know,  Dukes make some of the best, or most extravagant, burgers in Johannesburg, and Wednesdays are Rock Menu day. The Rock menu features burgers such as the Fokofpolisiekar and the Taxi Violence, to name but few. I had the Ashtray Electric, an ostrich burger with parma ham, feta, red onion marmalade, chilli, tomato, guacamole, mozzarella and rocket pesto. So many ingredients. Such big burgers.

 photo dukes_zpse19a24d3.jpg
Our booth at Dukes. So romantic.
 photo dukes-burgers-menu2_zpsa5c06fef.jpg
 photo dukes-burger3_zps57874cac.jpg
Rock Wednesdays Dani.
 photo dukes-burger_zps64be1989.jpg
Rosy hued giant burger with sweet potato wedges. Om nom.

If people don't end this month with an extra kilo or two, or a few hangovers in hand, then I may have failed ;)


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