A very long long weekend post

Day 21. Easter weekend has come and gone, and I have lots to write about. Five parties in one post - let's go!

Thursday It was a busy and rushed day, but we were determained. I met up with my long standing friends Adam and Monique for coffee. We met at this crazy ad agency, where we started a Skype conversation which has no been going continuously for almost 5 years. We chat most days. We have coffee when we can, even if it is just quick. I love them.

 photo Thursday_Junipas_zps6e40a269.jpg
 photo Thursday_Junipas-mon_zps79f0a21c.jpg
 photo Thursday_Junipas-adam_zpsc3fce04d.jpg
 photo Thursday_Junipas-dave_zpsf10c0d16.jpg
UK Dave (very jetlagged)
 photo Thursday_Junipas-cow-dog_zps7e25cc56.jpg
Giant cow dog outside Junipa's
 I was supposed to go to a house party afterwards, but this did not quite work out, so I had a beer with Adam and his friend UK Dave (because he is from the UK) at the Radium. I should go to the Radium more often. They serve Kilkenny on tap, people sing in the bar (just like in the UK), the food is generally good, and it is close to my home.

 photo Thursday_Radium_zpsab9a1c3c.jpg
Kilkenny. Cheers!
Since it was Easter Friday, I wanted to spend the day with my family. I made scones (that where a little too flat), we had some bubbles (courtesy of my Woolies goody bag) and visited my grandma. My gran is 94 and lives in an retirement home in Pretoria. She has a small room, which is filled with all the things I remember from my childhood, such as a printers tray full of trinkets. One trinket I am particularly fond of is a statuette of a praying Mother Mary. We're not Catholic, so I don't even know why she has it. I should ask. I love it though.

 photo Friday_scones_zps285e3f30.jpg
Small scones
 photo Friday_bubbles_zpsd02bbddf.jpg
 photo Friday_ouma_zps12a7631c.jpg
Gran and sister
 photo Friday_mary_zpscc78cf94.jpg
If you live in Johannesburg and have not heard of Paul Ballen's Home Made Ice Cream, you have an emptiness in your life. His ice cream is the best in Gauteng, surely. And to make things better, he now serves his delectable ice cream with fresh, warm waffles, at Father Coffee in Braamfontein, every Saturday. I've seen the photos on blogs and instagram, and I had to include it in my 30 Days of Party. Father makes some of the best coffee in Gauteng too. The combo of  warm waffle, cold, rich ice cream, and perfect cappuccino was perfection. So glad I could share it with a few good friends.

 photo Saturday_braamfontein2_zps2fe7310d.jpg
Outside Father in Braamfontein
 photo Saturday_Father_lizejoe_zps4a5c5635.jpg
 photo Saturday_Father_elnajoe_zps2da93c46.jpg
Welcome Elna!
 photo Saturday_Father_paul-ballen_zps95438e75.jpg
Thanks Paul, you're the best
 photo Saturday_Father_jaco_zps0dce890a.jpg
Om nom nom
 photo Saturday_Father_coffee_zpsd753668d.jpg
Mmmm, best cappuccino by far

We wanted to browse the Neighbourgoods Market, but it has just gotten to crowded and crazy (you really can't move), so we had an early lunch at the Smoke House instead. Good ribs, good burgers, good times.

 photo Saturday_SmokeHouse_zpsd65293f0.jpg
Duck face, because.
 photo Saturday_SmokeHouse_gift_zps38fb667c.jpg
Thanks for my amazing blanket Van der Merwes!
 photo Saturday_braamfontein_zps26d63ecf.jpg
Never a dull moment in Braamies. Lisa watching a movie being filmed.

But the day did not end here. One of my friends gave me two tickets to Kamers vol geskenke, a design-craft-food event which has grown substantially over the last years. We browsed and bought and ran into old friends who did not even know I knew both of them - it is a really small world, let me tell you.

 photo Saturday_Kamers_zps2e00c356.jpg
Fox bag
 photo Saturday_Kamers_kameel_zps3512fdc3.jpg
Net 'n Kameel - I have such talented friends
 photo Saturday_Kamers_kameel2_zps538cf2b8.jpg
Net 'n Kameel 
 photo Saturday_Kamers_Jay_zps47e15430.jpg
Jay (barista for the weekend) at Roast Republic. Go check them out. Love them.
 photo Saturday_Kamers_Imile_zps050316ca.jpg
I ended the day at the movies with Hayley and Marc. Go watch Philomena, really poignant but so lovely at the same time.

The plan for Easter Sunday was to keep things a bit more relaxed. So we had lunch at the Schwarma Co in Norwood with our good friends Han and Sarel. I love how consistent that place is. The friendly manager/owner is always there, the food is always good, and the substantial flower arrangement on the counter - an institution. We ended the afternoon with coffee, easter eggs and hot cross buns of course.

 photo Sunday_flowers_zps535c6f6c.jpg
Birthday flowers!
 photo Sunday_easter_shwarma_zpsf06ade14.jpg
Massive schwarma
 photo Sunday_easter_hotcrossbuns_zps49535f9a.jpg
Sticky hot cross buns
 photo Sunday_easter_eastereggs_zps87d71ac4.jpg
Yum, I love Easter eggs.

Another hijacked party I'm afraid. My sister in law and her daughter share a birthday tomorrow. To celebrate we all got together at a place called Die Ou Pastorie (the Old Parish) near Hartbeespoort Dam. We spent a leisurely afternoon filled with wine and food and desserts and laughter. I am quite blessed to have such great in laws.

 photo Monday_oupastorie_zps357390c3.jpg
Die Ou Pastorie
 photo Monday_oupastorie_selfie_zpsb7e821d0.jpg
Let's take a #selfie
 photo Monday_oupastorie_minidessert_zpsda8a5e62.jpg
Dessert platter - not what my father-in-law had in mind. We didn't mind ;)
 photo Monday_oupastorie_lunch_zps90be4d0a.jpg
Beef Pie
 photo Monday_oupastorie_dessert_zps5d19f401.jpg
Chocolate mousse and coffee. Yes.
 photo Monday_oupastorie_family3_zpsc6d5a48f.jpg
Sister and brother - 11 years age difference.
 photo Monday_oupastorie_in-laws_zpsd45c1cec.jpg
My brother-in-law and mother-in-law
 photo Monday_oupastorie_guinaefowl_zpsfd30fdb0.jpg
Sort of tame guinea fowl
 photo Monday_oupastorie_in-laws2_zpsbc28d0b9.jpg
Love these ladies
 photo Monday_harties_sunset_zps1312f4b5.jpg
End of the day. End of the weekend.

Eight more days to go. I can do this.


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