30 Days of Party, day 4. And why day 3 failed.

I was going to post a picture of my gammy hand, the result of the bee sting at the zoo, but it is unpleasant to look at. It got so swollen that it almost got it's own personality. Someone asked me if my hand ate too many doughnuts.

Day 3 was supposed to be Tequila Thursday. Unfortunately work got the upper hand, and we had to forgo the tequila to make it to party number two - Ad of the Year. Canap├ęs and booze was flowing, as it would at an ad industry function, but The Claw was so painful that I went home early. Besides, I still had to bake a cake for Cake Friday.

 photo giant-cupcake_zps050ef33c.jpg
Giant Cupcake top view

Waste not want not, they say. We still had the tequila from Thurday, thus Friday became Cake and Tequila Friday. Great combo, right?

Here's some pics:

 photo cake-and-tequila2_zps46e24e0b.jpg
Cake chaser anyone?
 photo cake-and-tequila3_zps4a285983.jpg
Pic courtesy of Exmi
 photo tequila-face_zps5b637d0b.jpg
Tequila face! Contrary to popular belief, I really hate the stuff.
 photo cake-and-tequila_zpsd49c27a6.jpg
Happy cake customers 

I really am enjoying this excessive celebrating. Not every occasion might be equally grand, but neither is life.


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