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Seven parties and an unlucky left hand

It has been quite a week. At times there has been more work than party. There has been desk dinners, burnt fingers and copious amounts of baked goods.

I realised that in the last 28 days my left hand has really been an unlucky one: I got stung by a bee, hooked on a broken staple, and got three finger tips burned by steam. What are the odds? Hosting 30 parties is dangerous it seems.

Okay, so on Tuesday I arrived at work with a baked offering of Chocolate Blondies. I ate more of these than necessary.

Wednesday was another working day that became a working night. No time to party. I had dinner at my desk to the sound of delirious laughter. And I did a little chair dance, to make it a bit more festive.

Thursday saw me escape to the gym for a little sweat and skinner session with Moni. We often end up talking more than sweating. In fact, we talked so much that I forgot to take a photo of my chai latte nor of the scrawny boy in the speedo parading through the gym foyer/seating area/Kauai.

A very long long weekend post

Day 21. Easter weekend has come and gone, and I have lots to write about. Five parties in one post - let's go!

Thursday It was a busy and rushed day, but we were determained. I met up with my long standing friends Adam and Monique for coffee. We met at this crazy ad agency, where we started a Skype conversation which has no been going continuously for almost 5 years. We chat most days. We have coffee when we can, even if it is just quick. I love them.

 I was supposed to go to a house party afterwards, but this did not quite work out, so I had a beer with Adam and his friend UK Dave (because he is from the UK) at the Radium. I should go to the Radium more often. They serve Kilkenny on tap, people sing in the bar (just like in the UK), the food is generally good, and it is close to my home.

Since it was Easter Friday, I wanted to spend the day with my family. I made scones (that where a little too flat), we had some bubbles (courtesy of my Woolies goody bag) and visited my gr…