Lots of cats and tequila in Melville

This blogpost is kind of a 2 in 1.

Part 1

One of the collective nouns for cats are a clutter of cats. There has never been a more apt description for the cats of Bounty Hunters second hand shop in Melville.

We were on our way to a party at Café Mexicho in Melville when we decided to pop into Bounty Hunters to find something quirky for the birthday girl. There were two girls petting kittens at the entrance. There was another cat in the foyer. And another one on the counter. And another three on a four poster bed in the middle of the shop. I noticed bowls of cat food around every corner. There must be many cats here, I thought. And there was. When we went up to the second floor it became a bit of a game: spot the cat amongst the clutter. It was not a very difficult game...

 photo Cat6_zpsc2798443.jpg
Want a cat with that office chair?
 photo Cat4_zps0df9cf2a.jpg
Cat photobomb. That kitten is sleeping in a toy baby bed btw.
 photo Cat5_zps234f764e.jpg
Kitten chilling
 photo Cat3_zps363141b8.jpg
Golf bag and a kitten?
 photo Cat2_zpsef2ae846.jpg
School desk and a streetwise ginger.
 photo Cat7_zps33f3603c.jpg
How much is that cat in the window, and the owl painting?
 photo cats_zps76eb90d4.jpg
Sleeping cats
 photo Cat1_zps192be09c.jpg
Another sleeping cat
 photo cat-behind-things_zpsf05ceed2.jpg
Really old cat
 photo cat-and-chair_zps25f78444.jpg
Cat in a freezer basket
 photo cat-and-things_zpsb3a31538.jpg
How about a cat to go with that horse postcard?
 photo Inside-bounty-hunters_zpsf00c6504.jpg
Second floor
 photo white-cat_zpsf0e1984d.jpg
White on white
As we made our way through the cluttered isles of random goods, we came to another room, the cat room. There must have been about 20 cats in there, just chilling, walking up their cat walkways, staring out the window, staring at us.

 photo chilling-cats_zpscf9ad6a8.jpg
What are you looking at?
 photo staring-cat_zps7eb74fdd.jpg
Leader of the pack
 photo top-cat_zps3bd87253.jpg
Top cat
 photo bounty-hunters-cat_zps10f74ad7.jpg
Soft cat
 photo silhoette-cat_zps65ddde1e.jpg
Silhouette cat

At the till I asked the shop keeper guy what the deal was with all the cats. He said that people just leave them on the doorstep, others are left behind by people who move house, others just arrive. They survive on donations. *sad face*  People are cruel.

This place is a nightmare for people who hate old things, cats and dust. Don't go there please. But if you do have a penchant for all things abandoned and once loved, go visit. Go get yourself that 80s Christmas jersey, a treadmill and a cat. You know you want to.

Part 2

The collective noun for tequila shots should be a regret of tequila. Or maybe a table dance of tequila. Or a hangover of tequila. You decide.

Café Mexicho has lots of tequila. And a rooftop. I don't think anyone is supposed to go onto the rooftop, the barbwire probably spells that out. But what better way to spend an afternoon than on a rooftop, watching the Jozi sky go from bright blue to soft pink with some interesting folk. You might regret all the tequila the next day, but never the company. Or the view.

 photo Cafe-mexhico1_zps1d7fff5a.jpg
Café Mexicho has Sol beer and some Frida Kahlo 
 photo Cafe-mexhico_zpsb7f2652f.jpg
The ally
 photo Cafe-mexhico-roof_zps99ecd158.jpg
The roof - clearly no one is supposed to sit here
 photo Cafe-mexhico-roof2_zps3c1d080a.jpg
Liam might kill me, but I like this shot
 photo Cafe-mexhico-roof3_zpsabac2438.jpg
People chilling on a broken rickshaw / pedicab
 photo roof-selfies_zps15e339da.jpg
Selfies on a rooftop - of course!
I love this place we live in.


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