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I've never been to Cape Point

Okay, I visited Cape Point as a baby, but it doesn't count if you can't remember it, right? As mentioned in my previous two posts, the 'summer' weather in Cape Town was not great. Not bad, but not run-on-the-beach-summer-great. So we took the scenic route again, and decided to visit Cape Point, like proper tourist.

I was surprised. I did not realise that it was a big national park. I thought you just drove down the coast and arrive at the point. Ignorant in my own country. Also, the point is imposing! To get into the Table Mountain National park costs R90 per adult. Seems pricy, but well worth it.

When you enter the park the terrain looks almost like the moon (well, sort of), covered in whitish grey rocks and dark green woody bushes. As you keep driving, it starts changing. More and more colourful flowering fynbos appears. And then you see the ocean in the distance, like you are driving towards the end of the earth.

Shortly after entering we stopped at the visitors'…

Sea Point, Woodstock and the Cape Town hipsters

Quite a few of our friends recently (well, 2-4 years ago) semi-grated from Pretoria to Cape Town. In fact, one now owns a little piece of the Mother City, in Woodstock. He graciously opened his home to us for a couple of days. I loved the community feel of his neighbourhood. He has diverse neighbours, who all look out for each other, sharing the narrow street with the closely set houses. You can also see who are residents of Woodstock - most german car models' badges unfortunately are, um, appropriated.

Two of his activity suggestions while we were there, was to take an afternoon stroll on the Sea Point promenade, and to visit the Woodstock Exchange.

The Sea Point promenade reminded me a bit of the Seaport Village in San Diego. People were jogging, walking designer dogs, and exercising on the outdoor gym equipment. We just went for the sunset and the ice cream.

Back to Woodstock. This area is a bit like Maboneng in Jozi. The industrial/commercial area is a bit grotty, with run dow…

Cape Town in October - an overdue post

Almost I month ago we paid a quick visit to Cape Town, to attend a friend's wedding. I took lots of pictures of specific topics with the purpose of blogging again. Then work happened.

Today I finally went through all the pics, and realised I might need to write more than one post. I'm not complaining.

Ah Cape Town, the supermodel of South Africa. Natural beauty around every corner. When we visited in February I wrote mostly about the places we visited and stayed at. This time I seem to have focused more on the outdoors. The weather was awful (or just typical), but I really just wanted to see the sea as much as possible. We were only there for about 3 days.

First stop, and fast becoming a bit of a tradition, was to visit the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay. To get to the The Brass Bell you walk toward the Kalk Bay station, and then go through a dodgy tunnel that goes underneath the railway. Apart from serving a mean beer battered hake, their main appeal is that they sit right on the bre…