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We have moved

It's been a while since I've blogged. It has been quite a month (or two).

We bought a house (apartment).

After looking around for the about 6 months, we drove past an apartment building in an area we thought we could not afford. There was an apartment on show, and for laughs and giggles we decided to go look. It was a one bedroom, which we didn't even consider, but all the rest was perfect, especially the price. So we bought it. It was all a bit surreal. We were going to be property owners.

The 12th of August was Moving Day. For weeks we have been packing all the gazillions of things we have accumulated over the last 5 years. We went through 44 cardboard boxes, 100m of bubble wrap, and about 12 rolls of tape. We got about 8 quotes from movers, trying to find the cheapest one with the least amount of complaints on HelloPeter, and finally settled on Eesi Move. And we cleaned and patched and filled the holes where all our photos lived. We said good bye to Killarney.

Watching …