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Vividus - I've had the time of my life


Last night we attended the Vividus 10 year Feesjaar-dinee. What the what? Let me explain in bullet point format:

- Feesjaar translates as Festival year
- It is celebrated every 5 years by University Residences.
-  A dinee is a formal. Everyone gets all dressed up (read squeeze into matric farewell leftovers), have a less-fancy sit down meal, cheap champagne and wine, and dance into the early morning hours.

Still with me?

Now, what is this Vividus thing? I was going to write this post about getting dressed up in the same dress I wore to a Vividus formal 8 years ago, only this time with some Spanx to keep things in place, but I realised that this is more about Vividus than aging. Or maybe it is about both.

So, in short, Vividus is a Day House that was started in 2003 by some ex-Res guys who suffered from Res activity FOMO. Why? Because University Residences are not only a place to sleep and eat slaptjips and toasted sandwiches, but it also gives students the…