New in Braamfontein: Daleahs. And a cool tattoo.

There are two things I am rather fond of, Braamfontein, and visiting new eateries. Daleahs is in Braamfontein. And they are rather new. Bingo!

 photo daleahsbraamfontein_zpsa1a68193.jpg

We visited Daleahs one famished Saturday morning. Owned by Daleah Arvanitis, it is one of the new residents of 6 De Beer street, a charming, very green (as in paint colour), Victorian Building, down the street from the Neighbourgoods Market.

 photo daleahsfamily_zpsce460cd0.jpg

Daleahs is rather pretty on the inside: with the exposed red brick walls, high ceilings, and whimsical illustrations that adorn the walls, it has a very Williamsburg, New York-like feel.

 photo illustration_zpsea5ed11f.jpg  photo daleahswaitress_zpsa3085805.jpg

 photo coffeeatdaleahs_zps8292950d.jpg

 Now let's talk food. I had flap jacks/pancakes with bacon and egg. It also came with some berry compote, but I am not a fan of those. The bacon was super crispy and the egg perfect. The flap jacks was a bit flat and chewy. Jaco had fillet skewers with rosemary salt chips, which was beautiful.

 photo daleahsmenu_zpsd46941ef.jpg  photo daleahsbreakfast_zps63110228.jpg  photo daleahslunch_zpsc270f8bf.jpg

I'd like to visit Daleahs again, sit in the courtyard, and try the Greek coffee.

 photo livingwall_zpsdd001053.jpg
Living wall in the courtyard 

Oh, and before we left, I asked the waiter guy if I could take a picture of his tattoo, which was peaking out of his shirt. I gladly obliged, hiehie. I later found out that he is a friend of a friend. You are known your tattoos, it seems.
 photo tattoo-1_zps0ca8777c.jpg

Go check out Daleahs. I'm sure there will be something there that you'll love.

 photo cokepepsidaleahs_zps75c6719b.jpg
Coke or Pepsi


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