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New in Braamfontein: Daleahs. And a cool tattoo.

There are two things I am rather fond of, Braamfontein, and visiting new eateries. Daleahs is in Braamfontein. And they are rather new. Bingo!

We visited Daleahs one famished Saturday morning. Owned by Daleah Arvanitis, it is one of the new residents of 6 De Beer street, a charming, very green (as in paint colour), Victorian Building, down the street from the Neighbourgoods Market.

Daleahs is rather pretty on the inside: with the exposed red brick walls, high ceilings, and whimsical illustrations that adorn the walls, it has a very Williamsburg, New York-like feel.

 Now let's talk food. I had flap jacks/pancakes with bacon and egg. It also came with some berry compote, but I am not a fan of those. The bacon was super crispy and the egg perfect. The flap jacks was a bit flat and chewy. Jaco had fillet skewers with rosemary salt chips, which was beautiful.

I'd like to visit Daleahs again, sit in the courtyard, and try the Greek coffee.

Oh, and before we left, I asked the waiter …

Bon Jovi and the guy who thought he was Kurt Cobain

Everyone has some guilty pleasures. One of mine happens to be Bon Jovi. Yes, 'hair metal' 80s sensation Bon Jovi. They've been Livin' on a prayer for the last thirty years (!), and the last time they were in South Africa was 18 years ago when I was still in primary school. Last night they graced us with their presence again, and I was there!

Firstly, I have to give credit to Big Concerts. After hosting 4 big international acts since November, they seem to have finally gotten it right. It was pretty painless getting into the stadium and signage/directional crew was everywhere.

(As I'm typing this I am listening to Bon Jovi, of course, and experiencing a flutter of excitement just thinking about last night. I would go as far as to call last night legendary. "Shot through the heart and you're to blame...")

It was a freezing night in Jozi, but that would not deter us. My bestie and I was probably some of the youngest people there last night, with the aver…