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Row, row, row your boat on Zoo Lake.

Some time last year we decided a trip to Zoo Lake was way overdue. We had a lovely time walking around the lake and observing the colourful array of people enjoying the park. We did not, however, have time to go rowing on the lake. A few weekends ago we did just that.

For a mere R10 per adult you get to take one of the little wooden boats onto the water for an hour. Included in the price is your opportunity to pretend you actually know how to row, and to show off your skills. Once you get a hang of it, all that remains is to head in any particular direction, avoiding other equally "skilled" rowers, gaggles of geese, reed forests and the spray of the fountain.

It was quite enjoyable.  I particularly enjoyed watching a boat carrying a whole family, including granny holding an iPad, and daughter holding a parasol. They were feeding the geese and was being followed around by half the lake's population.

If you have nothing on your agenda this weekend, and have R10 to spare, h…

Bean Republic - a new kid on the block

I have to admit I am a bit of a coffee fiend. If there is a new coffee shop in town, I have to try it. So when I found out about Bean Republic we had to stop by for a Sunday afternoon cuppa.

Bean Republic is situated in Corlett Drive, almost right across from Melrose Arch shopping center, and a couple of blocks down the road from my old favorite, Wolves. And as we walk in, who do I find with a pan of freshly baked colourful cupcakes? Edwin, the (ex-)manager from Wolves! Yup, from manager to owner, it seems.

I like Edwin's place. It is simple, friendly and brimming with possibility. He leads us downstairs to show us the basement (who knew?!), a renovated space to be used for music evenings and what not. We also receive some warm, unfrosted cupcakes on the house. He says he loves them straight from the oven like that. So do I Edwin.

Go have a look. The menus are fun and "revolutionary, the personel friendly and there is free wi-fi, naturally. As we left a jazz band was setting …