The Ceramic Factory

A while ago I discovered the Ceramic Factory on Facebook. I couldn't quite figure out where they were located, if it was a house or a shop, so I kind of forgot about it. Then, just a couple of weeks ago I noticed, on Facebook, that they have moved to a new shop space in Linden. Right across from the Whippet, my new favorite breakfast spot. Bingo!

Needless to say, we went for breakfast, and while waiting for a table, skipped into the Ceramic Factory, and what a magical place it was:

 photo Ceramic-factory_zps312c0ccb.jpg  photo lights_zps63540679.jpg  photo plates_zps2fd3dcde.jpg

So, there is something for everyone here. From lovely white vases, wonkey plates, and quirky lamp shades to owls, skulls and robots!

 photo owls_zps1605430d.jpg  photo robots_zps5e046e92.jpg

The best part was the bunnies! I was in ceramic bunny heaven.

 photo bunnies2_zpsdfb3df4a.jpg
A table of bunnies.
 photo bunny-plate_zpsc2cf1559.jpg
Bunny plate.
 photo bunnies_zpsa67f1cfd.jpg
Don't you just want to take him home? I bought the green one in the background.
 photo salt-and-pepper-bunnies_zpsae79fdbc.jpg
Who needs boring salt & pepper pots when you can have playful bunnies.

I wanted to buy everything. Go visit it. You will too.

Ceramic Factory, 59 4th ave, Linden


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