Old Mac Daddy - what a magical place

I mentioned in my previous post our confusion with all the daddies. On our way to Struisbaai we decided to find the other daddy, the Old Mac Daddy.

On the N2, when coming from Cape Town you will find Grabouw. Don't blink, you might miss it amongst all the orchards. When you just pass Grabouw, you will find the turnoff to Elgin, and Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park. Nested amongst pear orchards is a magical world. A hillside full of old airstream trailers, each decorated by a different designer in a unique theme.

Now, I have read various articles on Old Mac Daddy, but nothing quite compares to seeing it in real life. We only stopped by to have a peak, but it felt like we were there for days. The staff was so friendly, and Oom Ampie showed us the unoccupied trailers with glee. Each trailer has a little living area and bathroom that is separate to the sleeping quarters, which is inside the trailer. The design of the living area is simple and modern and though contrasting to the thematic trailers, it all blends seamlessly.      

 photo inside_zps9d9f8d4d.png  photo pegs_zps36314883.jpg

The trailers are connected by wooden pathways lined with indigenous grasses and fynbos. As you meander up the walkways, you are greeted by American style mailboxes, with the names of each trailer (theme).

 photo pathways2_zps0411f240.jpg  photo pathways_zps7826e437.png

Have a look at some of them:

 photo give-bees-a-chance_zpsbac279bc.png
Give bees a chance
 photo virbotterofwors_zpsb3f4efc8.jpg
For better or for boerewors.
 photo vir-botter-of-wors2_zps645c3fac.png

 photo metamorphosis2_zpsf70c046f.png
 photo yellow-submarine3_zpsdb5a5bb9.png
Yellow Submarine
 photo yellow-submarine2_zps09f89242.png  photo yellowsubmarine_zps21efa890.jpg
 photo the-dream_zpsad657d33.png
The dream
 photo millsandboon_zpsa611a544.png
Mills and Boon
 photo blackandwhite2_zps2cec53cc.png
Life before colour
 photo dirkiesanchez_zpsd828654a.jpg
Dirkie Sanchez
 photo dirkiesanchez2_zpsf7c1f9ca.png

It is hard to pick a favorite out of the lot. But I have to say Dirkie Sanchez and all its silliness has great appeal. Oh, and the Mac Daddy Villa. I think I could stay there for weeks.

 photo daddy-villa_zpsd2dc03d8.png
I have seen outside showers, but never an outside bath - bliss.
 photo daddy-villa2_zps60bea159.jpg

One of the best parts of Old Mac Daddy, must be the views. You always think of Cape Town as having views of the mountain or the sea or the wine lands. But the scenery here is something else. It filled me with a sense of peace. So relaxing. 

 photo view3_zps0a482c27.jpg  photo view2_zps6cbb2cec.jpg

Lastly, the the modern, farm shed-like restaurant serves delicious woodfire pizzas and ice cold Grolsch on tap. And on a scorching day, the pool with its floating beanbags looked blissful.

 photo restaurant_zpsc49faa11.png  photo view_zpsa5cf815f.jpg  photo deck_zps62011a65.jpg  photo poolarea_zpsa0bd86ab.jpg

In Liz Lemon's words, I want to go to there. 


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