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A game lodge that shall not be named

Once a year we have the privilege of spending a weekend at my parents' time share at a game reserve near Bela Bela (Warmbaths). Now, this might be a bit melodramatic, but in light of all the horrific rhino poachings in South Africa currently, I will omit the name of the lodge. Will a poacher be reading my blog and heading straight to the lodge to get their rhinos? Who knows, but let's rather be safe and over dramatic than sorry and rhinoless.

Anyway. The weekend is usually spent lazing on the couch, listening to the cicadas, eating too much and going on game drives. I do enjoy these. Even if you've been on a hundred, there are still new things to learn and see. And if all else fails, you just sit, smell the grasses and trees, and take in the bushveld air.

Here are some of the things we saw:

I loved how these three stood staring in the same direction. They were clearly on the lookout, as giraffes apparently have a keen sense of sight. The next morning we discovered a kudu c…