Reminds me of Brooklyn: The Foundry

I am a bit behind on the blogging, and have three restaurant posts awaiting. So let's start with the most recent and go from there.

Tonight Jaco and I went out looking for a bite to eat. Not quite knowing what we were in the mood for, we headed to Modo Mio at the Shepard's Market. Still popular, the small pop-up restaurant was full. We drove through Craighall Park and reached Parktown North. I always get confused in Craighall Park, especially at night. Jaco suggested we try the new place at Parktown Quarter: The Foundry Kitchen, Roastworks and Craft Bar. Needless to say, it was packed! Nothing excites Joburgers like a new, non-franchise restaurant on a Saturday night.

I really like this place. The interior strongly reminded us of New York, and indeed, the owner guy confirmed that they traveled to NYC and London, researching restaurants before The Foundry opened 3 weeks ago. He said their goal is to serve honest food, hand crafted goods, including roasting their own coffee on site.

Here's a few, blurry, pics:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oh yes, I had a lovely butternut, parmesan and prawn risotto. Perfect, apart from the absence of a finger bowl. Apparently the menu changes almost daily, but they seem to serve dishes inspired by street food and hearty Italian cuisine: everything from charcuterie to risotto, and rib eye steak to thin base pizza.

Hope they can keep it up. Great place to hang out with friends.


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