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Swimming at Sun City

A while ago, all caught up in the Olympic hype, I wrote about my "swimming career", and that my first race for the season would be the Dischem Sun City swim. Well, I did it and made it. Considering that I had a stomach virus the 4 days beforehand, and had not been training, it is nothing short of a miracle. Okay, that is a bit melodramatic, but still, I was not in great shape. But I had to do it. I could not disappoint my loyal followers did not want to waste my entry money. And just wanted to get out of Jozi for a day.

Yes, there are tons more exciting things to do in Jozi on a Saturday than at Sun City, but nothing like a change of scenery right?

And what a change it was. From hipstery Joburg with its craft beers, urban communities and graffiti art, to Sun City, the completely synthetic, tropical pleasure paradise of the 80s.

Sun City Resort and Casino in the North West province, was developed by hotel magnate Sol Kerzner and opened on 7 December 1979. This was during apar…

Wedding Wonderland

Five years ago, in a rainy month of October, I got married to my Jaco *blush*. We did not want a traditional (read generic) wedding, and above all, we wanted to eat real, home style food, not catering food. We wanted to feast like they do at a Free State wedding (Jaco was born in the Free State). So we rented a hall, decorated with scabby-township-chic decorations like bright flowers in tins, old LPs as underplates and jars filled with candy everywhere. A family friend gifted us two Free State lambs for the spit. Our mothers, sisters and aunts worked their bums off to make milktarts, apple pie, cheese cake, vegetables, potatoes, you name it. And I baked my first batch of wedding cupcakes, the first of many.

We had such a jol that I said "In five years time, let's do it again." Because, you know, five years seemed ages away. Middle of this year I realised it is indeed five years, and time to party! I fervently started planning. I wanted to keep some of the original weddin…

Reminds me of Brooklyn: The Foundry

I am a bit behind on the blogging, and have three restaurant posts awaiting. So let's start with the most recent and go from there.

Tonight Jaco and I went out looking for a bite to eat. Not quite knowing what we were in the mood for, we headed to Modo Mio at the Shepard's Market. Still popular, the small pop-up restaurant was full. We drove through Craighall Park and reached Parktown North. I always get confused in Craighall Park, especially at night. Jaco suggested we try the new place at Parktown Quarter: The Foundry Kitchen, Roastworks and Craft Bar. Needless to say, it was packed! Nothing excites Joburgers like a new, non-franchise restaurant on a Saturday night.

I really like this place. The interior strongly reminded us of New York, and indeed, the owner guy confirmed that they traveled to NYC and London, researching restaurants before The Foundry opened 3 weeks ago. He said their goal is to serve honest food, hand crafted goods, including roasting their own coffee on s…