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High School Reunion

I have been looking forward to my 10 year high school reunion ever since watching Romey and Michelle's, way before I even left school. This Saturday that day finally arrived.

Who was going to be there, what will they look like and what will I wear? Two of these questions are pretty much redundant, since I have most of them on my Facebook, and the rest I have Facebook snooped... But still, nothing beats real live right?

But unlike an 90s teen movie, this blog post has no before and after scenes, no bitchy girls being punished for their evil deeds, and no awards for most likely to become a stripper/nun/success. Because nothing has changed really. Everyone looks pretty much the same (or at least the same as their profile pics), everyone still grouped with the same people, and those who did not speak 10 years ago, still don't. I guess this only changes in about 50 years, when there are only 10 people left (alive) and you have no choice but to speak, or you have just forgotten most…

The day I appeared in public with a head full of curlers

A while ago my awesome hairstylist of the past 9 years asked me if he could use me as a model in the Paul Mitchell Spring Collection show. I said sure. I conveniently ignored the fact that he mentioned a runway. This was all about the hair, right?

On Friday it was time for the trial run aka a full day of colouring, styling and dress fitting. Still I choice to ignore the runway bit. Saturday came and I could not ignore it any longer. I am going to be on a runway with a bunch of skinny malinx girlies and I have not been to the gym in two weeks thanks to the bronchitis (Ain't nobody got time for that, as Sweet Brown said). There was only one option. Buy Spanx, or something similar. As I wiggled into my new Miracle Seam Free pants I could not help but think of The Middle episode where Frankie squeezes into Spanx to appear as Wonder Woman at Brick's school, but I digress.

Today was the big day. From 9:00am to 12:00 my hair was rolled into many pink rollers, and my make-up was done …