Snow day in Jozi

When I go dressed this morning it was -1º C outside. I know this because I check the weather every morning before I get dressed, for what it's worth. I put on my trusty Michelin Man Coat and braced the cold, and the snow.

Yes, snow! During the course of the day it started snowing. In Johannesburg. In August. The last time it snowed substantially here was in 2007, and before then it was somewhere in the 80s.

First it was just a few sleety crumbs. But then came the flakes and that was it. Productivity in Joburg plummeted. Everyone ran out of the office and danced in the snow. I don't know how many Joburgers have ever seen snow, but it did not seem to matter, because it was snowing in Joburg. Not Europe. Not Lesotho. Awesomeness. The snowflakes came and went a couple of times during the day, and yes, we ran outside almost every time. Silliness.

So if you have not been on Facebook today, or you don't know anyone from Johannesburg on Facebook, here are some pics. Oh, and even though I practiced photographing snow in Ohio, it is still does not give the full impression. The video worked a bit better.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

 And this was the (freezing) sunset at the end of the day:


But my favorite part of the day has to be this photograph from the Johannesburg Zoo. It just sums up all the giddiness:


Side note: I am busy redesigning my blog. Not quite there yet...


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