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I found myself!

While watching a video report on the Mail & Guardian's website, I found some proof that we really did go see the SA Olympic Swimming Team return home.  Hiehie.

Crazy groupie or just proud fan?

I saw The Chad aka Welcome Back Golden Boys

On Monday I posted some eye candy in the form of Olympic swimmers such as Chad Le Clos. The very next day I heard that the South African swimming team is arriving back in the country on Thursday (today) and that everyone should go to O.R. Tambo and welcome them home. Say whaaaat! I'm there.

So this morning, on a public holiday, I dragged my husband out of bed at 5am - off to the airport dressed in every South African flag we had. When we arrived there shortly after 7am, the arrivals hall was already packed! Scores of kids with swimming caps in hand, proud South Africans with LeadSA-sponsored posters, and gawking teenage girls ready to ask for Chad's hand in marriage.

Luckily I am freakishly tall and could point my iPhone over their heads, but chances of good photographs were slim, so don't judge okay. (Remember, my trusty Nikon died while ballooning a week ago).

The atmosphere was electric - whether it was sheer pride or just hormones. Banners covered the balconies. Cheers…

Snow day in Jozi

When I go dressed this morning it was -1º C outside. I know this because I check the weather every morning before I get dressed, for what it's worth. I put on my trusty Michelin Man Coat and braced the cold, and the snow.

Yes, snow! During the course of the day it started snowing. In Johannesburg. In August. The last time it snowed substantially here was in 2007, and before then it was somewhere in the 80s.

First it was just a few sleety crumbs. But then came the flakes and that was it. Productivity in Joburg plummeted. Everyone ran out of the office and danced in the snow. I don't know how many Joburgers have ever seen snow, but it did not seem to matter, because it was snowing in Joburg. Not Europe. Not Lesotho. Awesomeness. The snowflakes came and went a couple of times during the day, and yes, we ran outside almost every time. Silliness.

So if you have not been on Facebook today, or you don't know anyone from Johannesburg on Facebook, here are some pics. Oh, and even t…

Olympic swimmer in the making *in my mind*.

Okay, okay. The Olympic swimming events are over. Time to stop watching the swimming (swimmers) and start doing the swimming thing again.

In February of this year (2012) I swam the Midmar Mile. I am still not sure how or why, but I did. I started training round about September of 2011. It is now August 2012, and yes, I am starting to officially train again. Yes, I am doing the Midmar Mile again. Yes, it is a bit crazy. Yes, I think I am slightly in love. With swimming. Not the swimmers.

But let's have a look at those Olympians again one more time.

Back to swimming. Did I mention that I have never really been a swimmer, apart from splashing about in the family pool? I wanted to be, but realised this too late and was too slow for the high school team. So after watching various youtube videos, and peaking at the kids being coached at the gym, I managed to swim a mile without drowning. But now I want to be faster. It is a competition after all. Along came Ryk Neethling and Chad Le Clo…

Up, up and away in a beautiful balloon

Recently our creative studio got jumbled up and divided into 3 new teams. And with a new team building exercise '99 of course. Go team.

Now, during my school and varsity years I have participated in close to 20 team building camps/days/sessions. I have climbed through rope mazes, balanced on beams, plotted around blindfolded, did trust falls, scaled trees (and refused to come down again), and got turned into a giant newspaper snail. What more could I possibly go through? The answer, very drunkenly suggested, was skydiving. Did I mention I sat up 20m tree for over an hour once, due to my acute fear of heights? This idea was not going to fly.

But flying we were stuck on. Thank goodness skydiving became hot air ballooning. Much more romantic, yet still terrifying.

Monday arrived. D-day. Off we went towards Hartbeespoort, to Bill Harrop's Original Balloon Safaris. Our pilot would later tell the tale of how Bill and his wife Mary, keen yachtsmen from England, came to S…