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The many faces of Melville

On Saturday we sauntered over to Melville, for the Fête de la Musique. I have to admit I did not know what the deal was, apart from that it was free, there would be music, and that 7th street would be pedestrianised. I have since found out that Fête de la Musique was launched in 1982 already, by the French ministry of culture, and is hosted in hundreds of cities around the world. Impressive.
Well, what a fun afternoon it turned out to be. It was indeed a celebration, of music, of faces, of Melville, of Mzanzi. Music spilled into the street from over-flowing restaurants. There was everything and anything from Rap, to afro-dance, to rock. But it was the sounds of Les Fantastique Guys coming from the IT cafe, that made us stop and listen, and dance a bit. Wow, these guys were like the Buena Vista Social Club of the DRC, or something like that. I could sit on that street corner, drinking cappuccinos, listening to the Guys, and do some people watching forever.

Speaking of people watching,…