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Parkhurst to Ponte (Part 2)

One of the things I love about Jozi is that you can go from the preppy suburb of Parkhurst, to gritty Hillbrow in one afternoon. Jozi is like a good photo, full of contrast and texture, I guess.

Hillbrow is one of those places that our parents' generation fondly remember when they reminisce about their youth. It used to be a"white area" during Apartheid, but it soon became home to all sorts of people, making it a very cosmopolitan place, home to students, liberals and bohemians. Sadly, by the mid 1990s it was a complete slum, notorious for crazy/dangerous New Year's Eves where fridges and TVs got chucked out of 20th story windows, and you barely escaped with your life. When I think of Hillbrow, I think of Afrikaans songs such as Johannes Kerkorrel's "Gee jou hart vir Hillbrow" (Give your heart to Hillbrow)  -  it pretty much says it all. I tried to find a video of Johannes Kerkorrel, aka Ralph Rabie, who is tragically not with us anymore, but all I coul…

Parkhurst to Ponte (Part 1)

I am going to conveniently ignore the fact that I am months behind on my blogging, and jump right in. This past Sunday was one of those lazy days where you wake up at a scandalous time, checked facebook (still in bed) to see what other people were up to, and only then start planning the day.

Thanks to a friend's facebook check-in, we decided to head to Parkhurst, to the Jacobs Board Game Café. Some marketing person, or creative team, realised that it would be a much better use of Jacobs Coffee's marketing budget, to open a cafe, and serve free coffee and board games, than to flight another silly fake German ad during prime time. Yes, you correctly spotted the word FREE in that very long sentence. You rock up, pick a board game (anything from pick-up sticks to Afrikaans Trivial Pursuit), and someone brings you a cup of Jacobs and a croissant/cupcake! What better way to gain market share than to get the market to experience your product.

The biggest challenge was to decide which…