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Zoo Lake on a Sunday, aka Love Jozi part 2

We recently went to see the delightful South African film, Material. In the movie the main character Cassim, played by comedian Riaad Moosa, tells several jokes about Indian people. In one particular instance he says there are two Indian landmarks: the Taj Mahal, and Zoo Lake on a Sunday.

It is a fact that Zoo Lake is abuzz on a Sunday, and very notably frequented by Indian families. I am almost ashamed to admit, that in the four years we have lived in Joburg, we have never gone to check it out. So on this particularly lovely Sunday, we took our box of sweet meats and ventured into the park.

Oh wait, I still need to write about the Sweet Meats! Rewind. On this particular Sunday, after taking our NYC friends around Jozi, I still felt a bit perish (don't judge!). For a while now I have been wanting to go to Fordsburg to sample some of the traditional Indian and Pakistani sweets known as Sweet Meats. I have read about it in blogs, I have seen it on Instagram. It was time.

Fordsburg ha…

Love Jozi part 1

This past Sunday two of our friends, all the way from New York City, came to check out Joburg. Part of the fun was planning where we were going to take them in one short morning. So this is, naturally, a post about a few of our favorite places in Jozi:

Breakfast. This was a toss up between Service Station in Melville, and Salvation Café in Milpark. I often confuse the two names. Who knows why? We could not do a Jozi tour without going to 44 Stanley, so we had breakfast by ourselves at Service Station on Saturday.

Why I love Service Station: I don't think there is anything about this place I don't like. Located in the Bamboo center on the corner of Rustenburg and Ninth street, Melville, this place is perfect for watching the world go by. You can sit by the window and watch the hawkers selling pink feather dusters, old men eating breakfast on the curb (no tables available inside), yuppies in their convertibles, chops in pimped Citi Golfs and hipster browsers across the street at…

A piece of Pretoria

Joburg people don't visit Pretoria often. Joburg people hardly visit the rest of Joburg. I guess because we lived and grew up in Pretoria and Centurion our bond is a bit stronger. We'll that, and that our parents and most of our friends live there. And our postbox. And my hairstylist.

Yes, I love my hairstylist of the past 8 years at Diva's & James so much, I still drive to Pretoria every six weeks to entrust my tresses to him. Last weekend was chop time again. So off we went. On a Saturday, if the highway is sans burning cars or stationary trucks, it only takes 35 minutes to get to Hazelwood. With time to spare we stopped at our favorite little Italian trattoria, Alfie's. This place is real. No tacky faux Italian finishes. It is clean, white, small and owned by real Italians Alfredo and Christiana Fiachetti (they only stepped off the boat about a year ago!). For starters, the probably serve the best cappuccino in P-town. With only time for a quick bite we chose th…