Out of the Desert of Internetlessness

A year ago, on the 8th of February 2011, I wrote my first blogpost on American soil. As I think back to those first few days I can distinctly recall the smells: cinnabuns, deep-fried things, peanut butter cups and the cinnamon candle from Target. I can almost feel the kitchen wobble under the weight of the stove. And I can just, just imagine the cold air against my face.

I don't think I miss it. But I am increasingly grateful for the experience. In fact, I sometimes still find it surreal, looking at a map of the States, that I was living there, be it a short while.

Meanwhile, back in Jozi. After a blog absence of months, I have finally managed to acquire internet for our home. Believe it or not, but we have relied on internet access at work, family, coffee shops and smartphones to keep us connected to the virtual reality. Yes, you can survive without home internet, but do you want to?

Why did it take months you may ask? Well. Firstly, I had to figure out which supplier to choose. Unlike the USA, where our internet was cheap, fast and easy to get up and running, things are still I bit more tricky here. Yes, I think that might be one of the few things we miss in Dayton. So, here, I had to consider budget, the fact that we don't have a phone line, thus no ADSL line, the fact that we are in an apartment and 3G reception is often dodgy, the exorbitant prices and sneaky deals of various suppliers, oh and the fact that we need it all to be wireless so we can connect various iThings to it simultaneously.

Long story short, I finally took the leap of faith and signed up to 8ta's 10Gig Big deal. Who is this 8ta? It is Telkom's "cool" little brother. Or evil love child. The dreaded Telkom - most complained about company in the world; monopolistic telecommunications (sleeping) giant of South Africa. I can write pages about our collective hatred for Telkom aka Hellkom. I tried to resist. Desperately. But alas, their deal was best for our current needs. So here we are, and apart from having had to stand in a queue for 35 minutes (in heels!), spending hours trying to phone their shops without success, and waiting 2 weeks for the sim card to be delivered, we are finally online. Fingers crossed that I don't have to deal with The Most Useless Company Ever anytime soon.

And with that rant I sign off until tomorrow. I am training for this little thing called the midmar mile which happens to be this weekend. Will fill you in tomorrow.


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