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A mile in my shoes (swim cap). Midmar Mile 2012.

Somewhere during 2010 I got the random idea to swim the Midmar Mile. I don't quite know how I decided it. Maybe it had something to do with accomplishing something big before hitting 30. Who knows. I just started training when I heard we would be based in the US for 7 months, thus missing the 2011 Midmar, which is held on the first week in February. But when we came back in August, I entered for 2012, before I could change my mind.

Okay, I guess some of you might wonder what the heck the Midmar Mile is? Well, it is, I have subsequently found out, is the biggest open water swimming event in the world! About 17000 people arrives at the Midmar dam near the Midlands town of Howick, Kwazulu Natal. You enter an age group or as a relay team. Within each age group there are 5 colour groups that start the race about 2 minutes between each other. This system keeps everyone safe and sorted. I entered event 7, woman 14-30 years and received a green cap - the second last group. Then you swim 1…

Out of the Desert of Internetlessness

A year ago, on the 8th of February 2011, I wrote my first blogpost on American soil. As I think back to those first few days I can distinctly recall the smells: cinnabuns, deep-fried things, peanut butter cups and the cinnamon candle from Target. I can almost feel the kitchen wobble under the weight of the stove. And I can just, just imagine the cold air against my face.

I don't think I miss it. But I am increasingly grateful for the experience. In fact, I sometimes still find it surreal, looking at a map of the States, that I was living there, be it a short while.

Meanwhile, back in Jozi. After a blog absence of months, I have finally managed to acquire internet for our home. Believe it or not, but we have relied on internet access at work, family, coffee shops and smartphones to keep us connected to the virtual reality. Yes, you can survive without home internet, but do you want to?

Why did it take months you may ask? Well. Firstly, I had to figure out which supplier to choose. …