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Start spreading the news

Dirty, often broken sidewalks. Mountains of trash. Hundreds of sweating pushing people. Taxis hooting. Informal traders selling everything from sweets to apples to handbags. Sirens blaring around every corner. Is this somewhere in deep, dark Africa? Johannesburg inner city? Nope. This is New York. The greatest city in the world. The big apple. So listen up all you South Africa haters. Lots of people in one place = loads of problems, trash, traffic congestion, pick pockets etc etc. But also loads of awesomeness.

I love Jozi. Now I love New York too. Regardless of the trash smell in every other street. Just like Johannesburg, New York might not be everyone's cup of tea. You need to look past the gross and grime. But when you manage to look up from the gum ridden sidewalk, you can't stop being amazed.

Lets start with a short intro to this city featured in almost every tv show and movie:

NYC smells like:
- Horse poo
- Trash juice
- Hobo urine
- Sweat
- Hot dogs
- Honey roasted nut…

10 Things I hate (and love) about Dayton, Ohio

We have come to the end of our time in Dayton, Ohio. Can you believe it? I landed here in the dead of winter, everything white and cold. Six months later I am watching the Heat Advisory warning on TV. Everyone always wants to know what you will miss when you leave, what you liked. I figured this would be the best way to conclude our stay in Dayton, before we move on to a holiday in New York City.

Mia likes this
1. Squirrels, beavers and other small critters. I really like seeing squirrels on lawns, in the tree outside the window, and hanging out in gutters. I also loved seeing 4 beavers on the same lawn every day. I think I even saw a groundhog, and the backside of a raccoon. Oh, and a family of deer.

2. Ice cream. Ben & Jerry, Graeters, Yoghurt Mountain, Young's Dairy. Om nom nom. Please don't remind me of the 500 calories in each cup. Just let me enjoy the sticky chocolate and/or coffee goodness with chocolate chunks, pecans and coconut shavings and hot fudge sauce. Bliss…

Welcome to the 4th of July parade!

What would Fourth of July be without fireworks and a parade? So off we went on Monday morning to the Centerville parade. The parade would start at the Centerville Highschool and move through Franklin street past its quant little shops. Now, people have been "reserving" their seats along the road since the previous Wednesday!  How? By placing their canvas camping chair bags on the sidewalk, and leaving it there! Can you imagine, just leaving chairs there. Now, I came to understand this is partly because of a relatively low crime rate in Centerville, and if it gets stolen, you just buy another one, no problem. We did not have chairs, but found a nice spot on the pavement infront of the Mexican restaurant.

We were told that everyone and their dog would be in it, and indeed they were, including the dogs! Apparently you can just submit your name and there you go, you are in the parade. It was like being in a 80s movie. Everyone from the politicians, the bank, the pharmacy, humain…