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Powerwalk through DC Day 4 & 5

Last day and a half in DC and I still have so much to see. I have to admit, on day five I was so tired that I sat down next to a parking meter and just sat, contemplating where to walk/crawl next in the sweltering heat.

So powerwalk with me throught the National Gallery, American History Museum, Du Pont, Adams Morgan and the National Archive:

The National Gallery, what bliss. It was cool and quiet. The only kids around were the art class kids, and they were only a handful, sad but true. Never the less, it was still wonderful being able to wander around each room staring at individual works with hardly anyone waiting to claim my spot. Now, I am not going to bore you with all the works I saw, because there were plenty. I had a real though time picking only a few to share, and even as I am typing I am wondering if I shouldn't include this one and that one..

I slipped into the first room in the 19th Century zone (so it seemed on the map). It happened to be Western Sculpture. "Arg, n…

DC day 3. Hitting the Mall.

The rest of the team was off to work, so it was just me and DC. I hopped on the metro: Union station > Metro Central > Smithsonian. Time to visit some museums along with all the other tourists.

My first stop was the Washington Memorial to get tickets for that evening, to go up to the top and see DC from up high. Then I stopped by the Smithsonian Castle. This castle is the visitors info center. Really pretty. I just popped in to wash my face, it was once again so hot that I was already sweaty after just a mile.

On my way to the National Air and Space Museum I discovered the sculpture garden at the Hirshhorn museum. I thoroughly enjoyed the works there. While we are on the subject, I also visited the sculpture garden next to the National Art Gallery. I have to admit I got a new appreciation for sculpture:

Next stop was the Space museum. It was filled to the brim with kids. I have to say I was slightly disappointed. After visiting the Airforce Museum in Dayton, this one lacked a bi…

Washington, D.C. The official tour.

On our first day in D.C we were met by a born and bred Washingtonian for our official tour. I recall walking around, listening to all her stories, thinking don't know how I am going to remember all of this for my blog post. But I'll try my best. Lets just call this Mia's version of American History.

Our first stop was the Capitol. I feel I must put this in capital letters. We entered the visitors center along with hundreds of eighth graders in class trip t-shirts. This is where we found out that during the summer holidays, hundreds and hundreds of eighth graders flock to D.C to tour the seat of democracy in America and the free world before they head to high school. It seems like a right of passage, like going to Mecca. And we were stuck right in the middle of this odyssey.

O.k, so at the CAPITOL we got in line, donned our headsets and followed the tour guide lady in red. First we watched a poetic/patriotic film about the birth of D.C. For the first time I learned that D.C…