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All-American Memorial Day weekend.

It was a bright, hot, sunny day when we decided to head to the Carillon park for a picnic. As we arrived we noticed police barricaded areas, the fire department and some kids dressed as pioneer women. Silly us, it is Memorial Day weekend and we stumbled upon the Dayton Historical Festival.

I previously blogged about Carillon Park so I am not going to give background on that again. This Sunday the park was anything but demure. It was like one big kermis / kerk bazaar. Firstly, you received 2 little American flags on entering - it was Memorial Weekend after all. Then there were food stalls selling traditional American food, such as hot dogs, cajun chicken, noodles and pitas (don't know why that is traditional American) and funnel cakes (more on that later). I am still upset that they did not have cotton candy though.

It felt like we were in a 50s movie. The had a band called the Classic Jazz Stompers, tuba and all, playing classic jazzy stuff and the sound filled the entire park. I …

Hippie town. Take two.

About four months ago we went to Yellow Springs and I showed you some urban knitting, hand made broaches and various interesting folks.

This weekend we went back with some of Jaco's colleagues for some brunch. It was a lovely day outside and everything looked so nice and green, as opposed to frozen, like the last time we were there. We sat on the patio at Sunrise Cafe, and I had decadent chocolate french toast. Yummy!

I mentioned last time that this place is very similar to Clarence in the Freestate. It really is. Now with the weather being nice the main street was crawling with people. Many in tie-dye shirts. Seriously, so much of tie-dye and beards. Oh, and it was obvious that this is also a popular spot for Harley breakfast runs.

Jaco's colleague took us on a mini tour around the neighbourhood. It really is a lovely place to stay. And so many strange things to see:

We walked to the now deserted Antioch College campus. This liberal arts campus closed its doors in 2008. Ap…

Birthday and the Beach

Our last day in San Diego, and my birthday. So we need to make it special, right? We wanted to see the ocean, just needed to decide if we would take the train 45 minutes up the coast to the famous, high income La Jolla, or stay local. La Jolla (pronounced La Hoy-a) is one of the many surf spots mentioned in the Beach Boys' Surfing USA. It is also the site of the Torrey Pines Golf Course (which sounds famous to even I non-golf lover like me), and the de facto nude beach Black's Beach.

But no, we decided to take the blue collar bus, crossing San Diego bay via the Coronado bridge, to Coronado Island. Aparently Coronado is one of the most expensive places to reside in the USA. I have to say, I could live in this resort like neighborhood (for a month or so). It was really like something out of a movie. It is also home to the famous Hotel de Coronado, which opened in 1888, and is one of the oldest hotels in the US.

We made it onto the island safely. It was touch and go because the b…