Sugar coating it

As I sit here watching Jeapardy, munching on a giant Toblerone and doing some online shopping, I tought it might be time to share some of my American observations so far:

24 bags of popcorn for $5 (R35)!
- Everything smells like sugar, oil and hazelnut syrup.
- Everything, and I mean everything contains sugar. Even the ham.
- The traditional wear of the American adult is saggy jeans or sweat pants and tekkies (sneakers).
- Shop assistants are reeaaaally friendly and eager to please.
- Apart from at the boarder post, people aren't big on security. You can still get a prepaid phone here without supplying your ID number or address.
- They are big on scented candles. There are shops dedicated to candles in glass containers with scents like Apple Pie, Cinnabon, Grease with sugar and syrup. The only conclusion I can draw is that people don't know how to clean so they just light candles. Or they just smell. (See previous entry "Of people and dogs".)
- People don't walk. Only crazy bag ladies and myself carrying all my shopping bags walk next to the 4 lane road.
- American cars are really ugly and come in two varieties: ugly, distinguishable sedans, and over-sized pick-up trucks. In South Africa you can't turn the corner without seeing a sexy car - even if you don't care about cars at all. 
- There are miles of isles of sugary cereal in any shape, size or flavour, but the choice of sandwich spreads are limited to peanut butter, almost peanut butter, super peanut butter and jelly, purple or red. Oh, and Nutella. Thank heavens for Nutella.
- Food generally comes frozen in boxes and tubes. I don't know what they are. I don't know if I want to try.

To be continued...


  1. sheesh! i can really see their focus on health...and normal brain wonder so many kids have things like ADHD - that's what would happen to my brain with all that sugar and refined food!
    And, since you are only on month one of six, no you do not want to find out or know what the stuff in the boxes and tins is made of - you might stop eating altogether! And that just would not do!
    So burn a cinnabon candle and swing it in the air while singing I love sugar (and America of course) and eating more Toblerone (at least it has identifiable ingredients...hehehe)


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