Run fat bitch, run

So yesterday my friends and I were chatting via Skype, as per usual. Thank goodness for Skype. Anyway, we got onto the subject of fitness again and how Monique's sister passed out on a bicycle in the gym and someone else tasted blood after a hectic workout. I realised that I needed to "taste blood" again, because all I have been tasting lately is Nutella.

As mentioned a few days ago, we joined our friendly neigbourhood gym, the LA Fitness. Last night was our complimentary Personal Training session with super Jeff. I felt like I was on the Biggest Loser. But I showed Jeff. Except when I chirped "Don't drink too much water now, we are going to so lots of abs". Too late Jeff, too late. I almost spewed like a water fountain. But I showed Jeff. He kept shouting "Go Mia, you can do it", and I kept going, and smiling. Lots of high fives and fist bumps later, we were sat down to discuss signing up for more sessions. So sneaky, making sure you are half dead and then selling you a product.

That is one thing, if not the only thing, South Africa can learn from America. Service. These people generally know how to sell their products. It is actually very simple. Smile, even if it is so over the top and probably fake. Greet people. Ask how their shopping has been. And use their names. People love hearing their own name. So even if the girl calling your coffee order knows your name, because you gave it to her, it is still so cool hearing your name. "For me? Ah, you shouldn't have." Admit it, we humans are incredibly lame. The only people not liking the sound of their own name being called, is paranoid ones, or people with embarrassing names. Shame on their parents.

Today I checked out the Zumba, or Latin Heat class at the gym and then tested the bus service to get home. What fun. I do like this dancing to work up a sweat business, even if my feet and brain are not very synced. And the instructor is going to be on Dancing with the Stars, or some local version, I wasn't listening.

I must stop typing now, but I can't lift my arms off the keyboard.


  1. You are an inspiration to us all! Now on to Nutella for breakfast? Hiehiehie


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