An American in Jozi

Today I was leering at the wonderfulness of the Market on Main via Facebook, when I stumbled apon this blog: 2summers. The writer is a young married lady from Washington who recently moved to Joburg, South Africa, and is documenting all the weird and wonderful things she is experiencing in Melville and the rest of South Africa.

It was completely refreshing and homesickness inducing to read about our beloved city through the eyes of an American girl, while we are sitting here in America. Almost like we are living parallel lives.

Oh, and it is hilarious too. Go read about her encounters with litchis, baked beans, Zoo lake and blesbokke.  And her favorite foods so far (image from her blog). I could do with all of them right now:

Haloumi, biltong, Grapetiser, fruit chutney chips


  1. Hi Mia, thanks so much for the shout-out to my blog! I'm going to check yours out now. Love the clever title. I'm curious to get a South African's take on Ohio.

    Oh, just an FYI - I'm not married. I mean, I was before but not now. Joe and I aren't ready to take that leap just yet :)

  2. Superfantastic! Now we really have a dialogue going - you can do a book at the end of your journeys, something like "a tale of two states"? Love it!

  3. Ha! I had a similar thought myself.


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