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What's on the box?

Ah television. As essential as toilet paper right? So, just like we did not have DSTV back in SA (we got out fix on weekends at the parents), we don't have Cable here. So it was inevitable that the free channels weren't going to be top notch. But jeepers! Programming here is even crazier than watching anything on SABC1 without subtitles.

TV news in Dayton is like watching the Centurion Rekord being reported by people who was fooled into thinking they are on CNN. Reporters in bright two piece suits report on anything from heavy snow that could cause funeral parlors to close, to stories like these gems:

1. U R Busted.Yes, that was the actual headline for this shocking report. The first arrest has been made in Cincinnati for texting and driving. The law was passed a while ago, but this only the first person to appear in court for this crime. JHB metro police must be so jealous right now.

2. A pizza delivery boy saved a woman's life. Apparently she has ordered a pizza ever…

Hippie town

Time for a weekend adventure again. This time we were off to Yellow Springs, a quaint, quiet place where it is said you can "find yourself", about a 40 minute drive from our home. Yellow Springs is a small village with about 3800 residents that was created back in 1825 as a sort of utopia, promoting racial diversity and tolerance. Local Daytonians recommended it to us and described it as an "artists community" that was rather "alternative". It reminded us of Clarens in the Freestate, or even a bit of Knysna. A really interesting and pleasant place, perfect for raising organic kids and fat cats (not referring to evil businessmen).

Driving through the main shopping district (2 streets) we were greeted by brightly coloured shops selling everything from hand made glass, juice, herbs and books to tarot readings and tie-die gifts. We even passed a peace demonstration lead by 5 senior citizens with flags and a man beating an African drum. It was lovely to s…

The sound of snow

When you wake up in the morning with what sounds like a strange creature scratching at the walls, you know it has been snowing. Yes, apart from the strange silence snow brings, it also brings the sound of snow being scraped off cars.

It started snowing this morning. Only the second time since I have been here. It is magical! I know many other people will dispute this, but to me it is still fascinating. Fluffy white flakes covering everything, making it look so soft and clean (unlike dandruff, which is fluffy and white but not clean).

The other thing with this snow business is that it feels a good deal less cold at -2 ºC and snowing than when it is raining and 2 ºC. Yes, raining in the winter sucks.

So here are some fresh pics of this morning's fresh snow, taken from our balcony. I'll go out later and take some more:

An American in Jozi

Today I was leering at the wonderfulness of the Market on Main via Facebook, when I stumbled apon this blog: 2summers. The writer is a young married lady from Washington who recently moved to Joburg, South Africa, and is documenting all the weird and wonderful things she is experiencing in Melville and the rest of South Africa.

It was completely refreshing and homesickness inducing to read about our beloved city through the eyes of an American girl, while we are sitting here in America. Almost like we are living parallel lives.

Oh, and it is hilarious too. Go read about her encounters with litchis, baked beans, Zoo lake and blesbokke.  And her favorite foods so far (image from her blog). I could do with all of them right now:

Is this art, daddy?

Just yesterday I shared the quiet boredom of Dayton with you. My woorde was skaars koud. It was time for an adventure. Off to Cincinnati we went in search of some arts and culture. 
First stop was the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal which we found by accident because Jaco is not big on maps. This building is a beautiful 1930's Art Deco building use to be the Cincinnati Union Terminal but no-one really takes the train anymore, so many of the rooms were converted to Museums and shops. We just looked around, the Museum was too pricey, and in anycase, our main goal for the day was the Art Museum.

Wow, was this Art Museum difficult to find, even with our newly bought map of Ohio. We could see it on the map but kept ending up in Kentucky. Yes, Cincinnati is just across the river from the State of Kentucky. Yeehaa. Eventually, after going up and down and around this really nice neighbourhood on a hill called Eden Park, we stopped to ask directions from a nice couple, who looke…

Wiki wiki Dayton

Writing this blog has me walking a fine line between convincing Americans that we enjoy it here, and convincing South Africans that we miss home and are definitely coming back. So I thought it is about time I give you an overview of Dayton, Ohio, just so you know exactly what kind of a place this is:
We live in the city of Centerville, which is part of Montgomery County, which is one of four Counties in the Dayton Metropolitan Area. Montgomery County contains cities such as Centerville, Kettering, Dayton and Oakwood - these are where we spend most of our time.

Montgomery County stats Population: 559,062 (as per 2000 census) Population Density: 468/km² (1,211/sq mi) Area: 1,203 km² (464 sq mi )
Centerville stats Population: 22,821 Area: 10,8 sq. mi.  The median age for residents in Centerville, OH is 44.8 (this is older than average age in the U.S.)

To put that into perspective, let us compare this with the Tshwane and Joburg Metros, in Gauteng, South Africa: Tshwane Metro stats Population: 2,34…