Cultural learnings of Centurion

So this blog is supposed to be about America and all the 'cultural learnings' it will bring. My, my, I did not even have to leave my place of birth to experience such learnings.

My last week in SA will be spent in Centurion where I grew up. Lovely suburbia meets industria. Off to the new Spur near Mall@Reds we went for a satisfactory steakhouse dinner. And oh did we get that and so much more. They should add a surcharge for people watching. Here are the nominations for most watchable character in a family restaurant:

1. The two gay boys. Picture Adam Lambert meets Poena is Koning. And the best was, they were sharing Rosé. (Please note, Centurion is not Jozi. Homophobia runs wild here.)

2. All the men with two earrings and a mullet. Wow.

3. All the ladies with massive perms and bubble ponytails. You are doing Patricia Lewis proud.

4. All the unruly children who's parents deem it appropriate for them to climb over the faux plant terraces onto other people's seats. Also kudos to Spur for creating cages for kids to play in, monitored by CCTV that the few parents who care can watch on the big screen, if they don't feel like checking the rugby score on one of the 10 plasmas available.

5. And lastly, the fat little 12 year old meticulously licking every last piece of meat of the rack of ribs. Her tiny little mother should watch out. If you don't feed that one quick, you'll be next. Om nom nom.

I truly love it.What would life be without variety? Now excuse me while I go finish my leftover onion rings with Spur 1000 Island sauce.


  1. Since you are in our valley, we think it would be another wonderful cultural learning experience to come and "kuier" with us! I know we are probably the umpteenth persons to say this to you, but we HAVE to see you before you go! Hope the onion rings were great!


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