Coming soon to a State near you

Stuff in Jaco's suitcase

Rooibos tea. I will miss it. Amongst other things. In fact, I will do a blog post on all the things I think I will miss. And then all the things I really do miss when I am actually there.

Just to keep everything up to date in the timeline of our Uprootment, here is Jaco at the airport, before we went to have Spur burgers, because that is one of the things he will miss. So random.

Note the stickers on the bag. Two more things we will miss.


  1. you will miss a lot of stuff but learn to love new things that you will miss when you go back home! Oh and you do get rooibos in America. They just call it red tea here. Forget about biltong, America's version called Jerkey SUCKS! Don't even bother waste your seven bucks. Don't bother with any other coffee but Starbucks. Grocery shop at Whole Foods for better quality organic food. Trust me you do not want the nasty preservative overloaded milk that lasts 2 months. I don't know what that shit is, but it sure don't taste or look like milk. Oh and here's a fun bit. Be prepared for all the times that you will hear "Oh I hear an accent, where are you from" or "what a lovely accent, are you german?" I love to make people guess and the best guess I got was Russian... so off! If I chinese person hears your accent they will say something like "you have accident, can't understand you!" That is about the time you should casualy lift your hand and slap them in the face. Oh and asian drivers are scary. BMW drivers and dicks here too. Annoying people drive SUVs and mini vans. They typically have stickers that state how much they love their star children, who are really not stars. You will also see your fair share of really big and shiny pick up trucks. Those are to make up for the tiny penises American men have. They don't use the trucks to do any work, just keep them shiny. Ah my breakfast is ready. I will share more America next time. Love the blog by the way

  2. at least you have a very good camera, Mia, because it sounds like you're going to be taking a lot of pictures over there - the type of pictures that, when you're back, we can look at and


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