All that and a bag of chips

It is 2011. Jaco will be on a plane to New York in 4 days. I will be off in one month. It is time to pack.

Packing. What would you pack if you only had one suitcase? Which pair of heels deserve a trip abroad? At the moment most of my wardrobe has been shunned. Everything in there is either too summery or too random. I am bargaining on online shopping to supply me with cheap American apparel and outerwear. And that I won't die of frostbite from the airport to the apartment.

Outerwear, by the way, turns out to be coats and jackets.

I am also abandoning my hairdryer, trusty feather pillow, Kenwood Chef and two crazy cats. All will be replaced by American everything. Except the cats. The are currently being taught video Skype.

What I will be packing is Enos, Valoid, Mybulin, ACC200, Wetwipes and flight socks. If I die it will be due to cold, not indigestion.


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